Preventive Dentistry

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This is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy to minimise the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and much more, This is achieved by having good dental hygiene habits at home and having regular professional care.

It is recommended that most patients have a regular exam and hygiene visit every six months, however this does vary slightly from patient to patient with a small number needing to be seen more often and some less frequently depending on their individual needs.

At these important regular visits the dentist will check your whole mouth to ensure all is well, this way small problems can be dealt with rather than waiting for them to become larger problems which can be more time consuming and expensive to address.

An appointment with the hygienist is also a vital part of the overall preventive care. The hygienist will assist in maintaining the health of your gums by giving further education where needed and removing the plaque and tartar from around your teeth which contains harmful bacteria. Therefore Preventive Dentistry can have a very positive impact on your long term dental health.

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