Dental Implants




Dental implants are a way of replacing missingĂ‚ teeth with something that looks and functions similar to natural teeth, without adversely affecting the adjacent teeth. It is a very appealing alternative to dentures and bridges. Implants are now a popular choice for our patients with missing teeth, which offer a good long term solution.



There are two components to an implant:


Surgical Phase


This involves the placement of the titanium implant into the bone at the site of the missing tooth. This part is very critical and there is some planning required to ensure that the position of the implant is in the exact location that the restorative Dentist requires, to give the best aesthetic and functional outcome.

Restorative Phase

This usually occurs three months after placement of the implant as it needs time to heal and integrate into the bone. This stage involves taking some impressions to have the crown made to fit into the titanium implant to make it look like a natural tooth again.

Long term maintenance is very important with regard to an implant to keep the tissues around it healthy. This is easily achieved through a regular six monthly exam and hygiene appointment which will give the best and most predictable long-term outcome.

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