Periodontal Treatment


Periodontitis, or gum disease as it is more commonly known, is a fairly common disease in patients that often goes unnoticed as shutterstock_275855111frequently there will be no symptoms.


It begins as gingivitis, this is an inflammation of the gums caused by a build up of plaque, a sticky colourless film that constantly grows on your teeth. If the plaque is not removed by thorough tooth-brushing and flossing, it becomes very hard and turns into tartar, which can only be removed at the dentist.





This tartar contains many harmful bacteria which can cause irreversible damage to the fibres and bone which hold the teeth in place.

At this stage it is called periodontal disease and if untreated can result in your teeth becoming loose, falling out, or having to be extracted.

The early stages of gum disease can be reversed with proper tooth brushing and flossing, however once the plaque has turned into tartar it needs to be removed by professional cleaning by your Dentist or Hygienist. If your condition is more severe additional treatment may be required.

By scheduling regular checkups early stage gum disease can be diagnosed before it leads to a more serious condition.

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