Meet the team-Nedlands Dental

Dr Fraser Ferguson
Principal Dentist

Fraser has been working as a dentist both in Australia and internationally for 21 years. Leaving Cheshire, England in 2007, he moved to Perth with his wife and two children, and took over as Principal Dentist at Nedlands Dental in 2014.

Professionally, his driving passions are for preventative dentistry, educating patients in how best to take care of their teeth so that they can avoid any concerns in the future, and addressing any problems patients have with their teeth in a friendly and gentle manner.

I am a great believer in explaining things to patients. Whether they have been with us for years or this is their first visit to our practice, giving step-by-step information about what to expect goes a long way to helping patients feel relaxed and confident in their care. There are so many factors that impact on dental health, from what you eat and how well you clean, to external factors such as stress and overall physical health. My job is to treat and educate our patients so that they can feel confident about their oral health.

Outside of the practice Fraser most enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the wonderful country he has come to call home. He can also be found on the golf course striving to reduce his handicap.



Tas has been an invaluable member of the Nedlands Dental team for five years. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Tas moved to Perth with her family in 1990. After completing her degree she moved to Melbourne for two years, making the most of the culture, food and entertainment a big city had to offer, before returning home to Perth.

Working in collaboration with the dentist and directly with patients, Tas’s primary focus is on the management of oral hygiene.  With a focus on periodontal care, Tas is the regular person you will see for all your preventative management, every 3, 6 or 12 months.

I love working with our patients.  It is wonderful to be able to do a job where you can see the difference not just in how people look but also in how they feel.  As well as periodontal care, a lot of what I do is working to educate our patients about the right way to take care of their teeth.  There really is a best way to brush and floss and by taking the time to show patients the right techniques, and answer all their questions, we can go a long way to helping them maintain great oral health.

Outside of work Tas enjoys reading, watching movies, walking, running and playing golf. She likes to make the most of the perfect climate and friendly atmosphere that make Perth home.



Loh joined the team at Nedlands Dental at the beginning of 2016 and has already made a name for herself amongst the patients.  She works directly with patients and alongside the dentist.  Like everyone on the Nedlands Dental team, Loh has a strong focus on preventative management.

Throughout her career Loh has been eagerly sought out by patients who appreciate the time she takes to get to know them and understand what makes them tick.

The job of a dental hygienist is about so much more than just cleaning people’s teeth.  Your mouth reflects a lot about your overall health and other things that are going on in your life.  Taking the time to get to know my patients means I can give them service and advice that is tailored very closely with their particular needs.

When she is not caring for patients at work Loh likes to spend her time creatively.  She has become known amongst her family and friends for the beautiful 3D sculpted cakes she creates for holidays and celebrations and has found unique sculpting tools to help her achieve the exact look she is aiming for.



Mark joined the team at Nedlands Dental in 2016 but has been working in dentistry since he graduated in 2000.  He draws on his own memories of dental visits as a child when he treats patients and goes out of his way to make sure they feel relaxed and in control.

With a focus on preventative management, Mark draws a lot of satisfaction from being able to help patients learn about gum disease and understand what they can do to prevent this and enable gums to heal.  His friendly, down-to-earth nature puts patients at ease and enables him to provide the best care for the needs of each individual.

It is very important to me that patients feel like they are in control.  Some people have a lot of sensitivity or are nervous about getting their teeth cleaned by someone else.  I make sure they understand that they have control, that we can stop and take a break at any time.  This takes away the fear and makes patients relax and feel more comfortable.  This is very important to me.

When he is not at work Mark likes to spend time with his family, including four young nephews and enjoys a bit of amateur cooking.  He is most proud, however, of the beautiful pawpaw tree that he has successfully cultivated from a seedling.



Front Office Coordinator / Receptionist

Liz has been the welcoming face of reception at Nedlands Dental for more than 5 years. Growing up in Sale Victoria, Liz moved to Perth in 2008 after attending a conference in the city and falling in love with it.

A natural people person, Liz goes out of her way to make patients feel welcome and comfortable, listening to their concerns, setting their appointments and helping them to understand what to expect during their treatment.

Taking the time to make a real connection with our patients is very important to their overall experience. In understanding who they are we are better able to serve them and give them the best care we can provide. I have worked in dentistry for more than 12 years and it is the most wonderful feeling to be part of the team that helps a patient move from an insecure smile, to a wide, confident grin.  

Outside of work Liz enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and two step-children.


Dental Assistant

Amy has been working in dentistry for close to a decade, joining the Nedlands Dental team at the end of 2015.  Throughout her career she has been known by her patients as someone who takes the time to get to know them and always has their best interests and comfort at heart.

Her calming nature and reassuring approach made her ideally suited to working alongside the caring team at Nedlands Dental where the focus is very much on prevention and ongoing care.

I love seeing a patient come in to the practice and walk out with a smile on their face.  In dentistry you can make a difference to someone’s life in just one day.  For me this is one of the things I love most about working as a dental assistant.  A lot of the worries people have about going to the dentist come from what they remember as a child.  Equipment was bigger and louder then and people seemed more in a rush.  It is not like that at all here.  At Nedlands Dental we very much focus on making every patient comfortable right from the moment they walk through the door.

When she is not at work Amy likes to spend time with her large extended family, singing karaoke at one another’s houses and relaxing with her loved ones.