Teeth Whitening Perth

Teeth Whitening Perth, Western Australia.

Teeth Whitening Perth

Your smile is important. It is one of the first things people see when they meet you for the first time.  Create a memorable impression with a whiter, brighter smile. It can also make you feel better about yourself.

Nedlands Dental can help you create that smile in just one visit. Contact us now>>

Teeth whitening is a safe and conservative way of lightening the colour of your teeth and removing stains and discolouration, either at home or in the dental clinic.

In Office Zoom Whitening

This is a convenient way to whiten your teeth and takes just over an hour. It involves the careful placement of barriers over your gums and the application of the proprietary Zoom! whitening. The gel and  Zoom! light work together to gently penetrate your teeth breaking down the stains and discolouration. During this time you can relax, watch TV or listen to music. When its complete you go home with your brighter, whiter smile.

We also provide a take home teeth whitening kit so you can continue to whiten or touch up at home.


Take Home Whitening

A more cost effective option for teeth whitening is the take home method which is done over a period of a couple of weeks. The results obtained are not so immediate but are still very impressive.

It involves having fitted custom trays made into which you place hydrogen peroxide gel for as little as an hour each day.TEETH WHITENING PERTH

With both systems touch ups can be done at any time in the future with minimal costs.

For more information about teeth whitening please check out our other site here.