Tooth coloured cosmetic dental fillings

Our Dental Practice in Nedlands will help you repair your teeth, helping you to recapture your smile. We incorporate a minimally invasive approach to all dental treatments and are motivated to restore your teeth to a healthy state. Treatments which may be incorporated in the repair of your tooth / teeth, include;

  • Minimal invasive composite resin tooth coloured fillings

    The removal of healthy dental tissue and minimal invasion of tooth structure are key components in Minimally Invasive dental treatments. Minimal invasive composite resin tooth coloured fillings will help you regain the functional component of your teeth.

  • Amalgam replacement

    Tooth-coloured Fillings are not only limited to new dental restorations. Tooth-coloured Fillings may also be used to replace older repairs, such as Amalgam fillings. Porcelain Materials are an alternative to Amalgam fillings and are also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Old yellow front tooth fillings repaired invisibly and naturally

    Today through the continual advancements in the field of composite dentistry materials, your older yellow font tooth fillings may now be repaired to a beautiful, natural appearance.